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Mail order business opportunity

Take Your Job... Your Hobby... Or An Activity You Love And Turn It Into A Money Making Mail Order Business That Earns You $250,000... $500,000
Even A Cool $1Million A Year!


Dear Reader,

I've shown dozens of people how to invest a few thousand dollars and some time and then -- within one year -- earn 6 and 7-figure incomes by starting side businesses that take advantage of direct mail methods -- email and conventional mail.

My most recent 'student' -- a former furniture salesman -- is going to pocket over a million dollars this year -- and he comes in late and takes 3 and 4 day weekends!

Some of the people I've taught are happy making $150,000 to $250,000. For them, business is more about selling something they really care about, then raking in the profits. JF is one of them. He's making six-figures with his program that teaches kids how to save.

Would you like to have your own part-time or side business? Would you like to make the extra money? Enjoy the fun of being your own boss? Feel the security of not being dependent on your current job?

I can help you. I can show you exactly how to do it -- start your own direct marketing business. And I can help put you up-and-running fast...

Here's the story: In December, I sent out an e-mail inviting a small number of subscribers to my newsletter, Early to Rise, to join a charter program starting and running a successful direct response business. I defined 'successful' as grossing $1 million a year or more.

The response was fast and furious. I maxed out the charter class in 48 hours and since then we've worked out all the bugs. The program is very strong -- even better than I'd hoped for.

This is not like anything that's been done before. This is unique. I'm talking about -- running a small group of ambitious people through an elite training program that has the sole and entire purpose of making them successful, high-income mail order (direct response) entrepreneurs.

The program is based on the success I've had teaching friends and family members how to
get into the direct response business:

One family member declared bankruptcy less than five years ago. Today, he is making a six-figure income, owns two cars, a $350,000 home, and a business he loves that will one day (probably very soon) be worth $1 million.

A childhood friend makes more than a quarter-million dollars a year and lives a life in Miami's South Beach that can only be described as the ultimate lifestyle of a single man.

Another friend is pulling down a similar income -- and is doing so from his country house in Vermont, where he spends much of his day enjoying skiing, hiking, and biking in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

An ex-neighbor of mine was working in a prison-release program paving parking lots when I met him. Today, he and I are partners in a multimillion-dollar real-estate business -- and he's got his own direct-marketing business that's netting him more than $2 million a year in income.

A guy who used to sell me pens and pencils asked me to teach him the direct-marketing business. I did, and today he has a business that is not only worth more than $5 million, but it also allows him to come into the office late,leave early, and take three-day weekends and long vacations.

A young lady who came to work for me as a copyeditor now makes a six-figure income in a direct-mail business she loves that may soon be purchased for more than $1 million.

My babysitter's new husband was working as a junior accountant for a local business when I started helping him. Today, he and his bride live in a beautiful house, drive two brand-new luxury cars, and enjoy a lifestyle that the CEO of a multimillion-dollar, direct-mail-based operation can expect.

None of these people are selling the same product. None are selling multi-level marketing or get-rich-quick schemes. Each is in a legitimate business that he or she loves.

Most importantly, none of these people are dependent on me anymore (although I have retained relationships with some of them). They are all independent, earning their own fortunes, taking care of their own lives,free from money worries and job hassles, and confidently looking forward to early retirement.

It's very exciting! Can you see yourself running your own direct-marketing-based company? Can you visualize your success? Depositing the checks? Watching your bank account grow? Telling your boss you don't need him anymore? Buying a new luxury car or vacation home for cash? Becoming a multi-millionaire and achieving complete financial independence?

I'm pretty fired up about our little boot camp for direct-marketing entrepreneurs. I'm anxious to get you moving from wherever you are today (in terms of knowledge, experience, and preparation) to success -- as fast as is humanly possible.

I'm ready to teach you everything I know about direct marketing. And to guide you in setting up your own business (or in developing your existing business) with direct-marketing methods.

After going through our program, you will experience the greatest rewards and meet all your career objectives. I'm hoping, in fact, that this will be something that you'll one day refer to as a pivotal experience in your wealth-building life.

What I intend to do with you and your classmates is to do, again, what I've done with about two dozen friends and family members in recent years:

show you, honestly and candidly, how I have built dozens of million-dollar direct-response businesses (several have annual sales of over $10 million, and one has annual sales of $100 million).

present that information in small, sensible doses -- so you can learn as quickly as you want to, without ever getting lost.

give you a plan to shift away from the dependency you may have on your current job or business to a life where you can be more independent.

give you plenty of great ideas for businesses that will fill you with passion.

help you avoid all the major pitfalls that people who try direct marketing on their own often stumble into.

teach you how to increase your income by working less.

give you a genuine chance to make a ton of money and retire early.

show you what products sell best by mail order and where you can get them wholesale.

That may sound like a lot to promise, but that is exactly what I have done for the people I have coached.

If all this sounds good to you, and you think you might want this kind of opportunity in your life, then click on the order button below. Or call Patrick at 1-800-926-0221 [Mon thru. Fri].

I'm going to do whatever it takes to make this project a success. I've started by pulling together the Early To Rise team, our colleagues at the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI), and some of our top direct response partners here in Florida, and we've brainstormed about how this can be done.

Here's the plan....

Each month, you get a new installment of the program covering the essential steps of starting and running a million-dollar direct response business - from finding a product line to sell and setting your prices, to creating successful direct mail packages and getting mailing lists, to setting up a Web site and selling your product online, to fulfilling orders and maintaining your customer database.

You also get a sturdy binder in which to hold your monthly
installments and other course materials, making them a permanent part of your business success library.

Each of the 12 monthly installments has an assignment for you to
complete. So you are not just 'reading.' You are actually doing the real work of starting your own million-dollar direct response business.

These assignments include creating a Marketing Plan for your new direct response
business and a promotion for your first product. Your course fee includes our detailed review and critiques of both the plan and the promotion.

Hiring a top direct response consultant to look at your marketing plan, or superstar copywriter to critique your promotional copy, can easily run $2,000 or more. Our in-depth review can help make sure you're on the right track. And when you enroll in our program, these services are included at no extra cost - YOURS FREE!

Among our associates are many of the world's top direct marketers. For this program, we sat down with them and asked us to spill their secrets. This course includes a set of 6 of these hour-long interviews on CD with such direct response luminaries as:

SS, founder of the Hair Club for Men, a company he built into a
nationwide corporation with direct response TV commercials.

SL, the founder of Levenger's - a multi-million-dollar catalog business he started in his living room with a tiny one-inch magazine ad.

JD, a top marketer of financial advisories and rare coins - both online and offline.

AS, one of the most successful sellers of nutritional supplements by mail.

As you can see, these are not get-rich-quick guys. They're genuine direct-marketing leaders who have built multimillion-dollar businesses by following the very same techniques you'll be hearing about.

We'll pick their brains and discover their secrets - then send it to you on CD -- so if you think you'd like to do what they do, you'll know just how to do so.

In addition to the 12 monthly course installments, you get periodic 'Power Reports' - special bonus bulletins covering the latest techniques and what's working in various areas of direct response.

But wait. There's more....

In the pilot program for this course, the most common questions students asked were
'What product should I sell?' and 'Where can I buy these products wholesale to sell to my mail order buyers?'

In response to these questions, we're spending over 400 hours of research compiling a special bonus guide, 'The 50 Best Mail Order Businesses.' It contains business plans for 50 of the most popular - and lucrative -- mail order business in the world.

This valuable manual, yours at no extra cost, gives you complete details on today's most successful mail order businesses and how you can get into any of them quickly and easily -- including where you can source the products, get good mailing lists, how to price your products, proven marketing methods, and more.

Among the businesses for which you receive complete start-up plans:

Selling vitamins and herbs by mail... books... records and CDs... special reports ... self-help information ... business opportunities... gardening products... consumer electronics... crafts... how-to instruction... hobbies... fashion accessories... cosmetics....

And dozens more!

We will provide you with all kinds of back-up materials and support to answer any questions that might come up. You'll learn how each mail order business 'really' works. And we'll help you along, to make sure you accomplish what you want to.

We'll do all that and more... because I'm determined to make this work. Only by making you succeed can I hope to have a program that will work with others.

I'm going to teach you secrets that very few people know. I'm going to show you how the direct-mail business really works as a serious, money-making business -- which is very different from 95% of what you'd find in the 'get rich quick in mail order' books and tape programs and seminars that are on the market today.

From what I've seen (and I've seen plenty), there are two kinds of direct-mail programs out there today:

1. Academic books written by marketing consultants who have never actually built a direct-mail business.

2. Seminars and programs created by mail-order entrepreneurs who have sold only one thing in their lives -- their programs on how to get rich in mail order!

This is a major point, one worth dwelling on for a moment. While we were talking about how to put this course together, Bob Bly, one of our program's coaches, said to me:

'If you ask me, the biggest difference between what we are going to do and what has been done before is you, Michael. You are not some one-trick pony making a hundred grand a year by selling a book of direct-mail truisms -- or an e-book on how to sell e-books online. You have built dozens of direct-marketing businesses in dozens of different areas. Some of these businesses were million-dollar enterprises, some were worth tens of millions, and at least two were really big -- more than $100 million. Nobody else out there -- and I know who's out there -- has that kind of experience.'

How could I deny such praise?

But seriously, I sensed Bob was right. Most of the stuff out there about direct marketing is written by people who only know how to promote themselves. In my 30-years of experience in this business I've worked on many successful projects. Here is a quick list -- just off the top of my head:

Political and economic news reporting.

Financial newsletter publishing.

Real estate books and seminars.

Nutritional supplements.

Rare coins.

Graphic arts.

Lottery systems.

Seminars and conferences.

Martial arts.


Luxury homes.

Business opportunities.
Academic book publishing.

Travel books and newsletters.


Career counseling.

Fine art.

Books and records.

Asset-protection plans.

Business counseling.


International real estate.

Home study courses.


I could probably triple that list if I thought I needed to make the point. Whatever your current business or future business interests may be, I'm sure I've had enough experience of one sort or another that I can help you.

And I won't be doing it alone. I've recruited, as coaches and instructors for our Mailbox Millionaire program, some of the top people in the direct response industry. Like Bob Bly, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Direct Marketing and other best-selling books - and Deeba Jafri, an expert in the marketing of newsletters, special reports, and other information products.

Maybe I'm overconfident, but I don't think so. I believe I can really help you, really teach you what I know. And I'm confident that under Bob's leadership, and using the talents and resources of both the AWAI and the ETR staffs, we'll give you a program that will be worth many, many times what you invest in it.

My main goal is for us to work with you until you succeed. But you have to help, too. Specifically, you will need to complete the exercises and quizzes we give you and submit your assignments to us so that we can make sure you are headed in the right direction.

How much work is this? I estimate somewhere between 200 and 400 hours of your time over a 12-month period. Does that scare you? Well, relax. That's only 4 to 8 hours a week. Just stop watching TV and you'll have all the time you need!

In return for your time and effort, you will get to a place in your business that may soon be making you a six-figure income and some day do much better than that. That's a very, very good return on your investment.

There is NO other program quite like this one. Learning the way you're going to learn will be as close as I can make it to the way it was for the friends and relatives I've helped before. You'll get very specific directions, very direct answers to your questions, very frank advice, and very specific follow-up and support.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today, do the work, ask us your questions undefined and you can soon be well on your way to earning $75,000 to $1 million a year or more in your very own direct response business. Just like the others I have already trained and made successful.

If I came up to you and said I could 'sell' you an income of $75,000 a year, what would you be willing to offer me?

Would you pay me $25,000? How about $10,000? Or maybe $5,000?

I know what I'd say. I'd jump at the opportunity to buy that kind of income for $10,000 or even $25,000! I'd be crazy not to, right?

Using the talents and resources of me and my team, we'll show you exactly how to earn $75,000...$250,000...maybe even $1 million or more every year with your own direct marketing business.

And guess what. You don't have to pay anywhere near $10,000...or even $5,000 for this great opportunity.

In fact, to get this program off the ground, we're making it available for just $849. That's very reasonable when you consider what my Mailbox Millionaire program is really worth...and the money you can make.

It could easily cost you $2,000 just to have a marketing pro critique your business plan...another $1,000 or $2,000 to have an 'expert' help you decide what product to sell...and $2,000 or more to have a copywriting pro critique your direct marketing letter or package (I won't do it myself for less than $10,000).

And to make sure you can take advantage of this opportunity, if $849 is more than you can muster at one time, you can enroll today for four quarterly payments of just $250 each. How's that for a good deal... Getting started in your own business, a business that could bring in tens, hundreds, of thousands, maybe millions for only $250! I think you'll agree this is a fantastic bargain.

To register, click on the link below. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.
But: You MUST do the assignments we give you to build your own successful mail order business. If you're not willing to work at it under our direction, this program is not for you.



Best Regards,

Michael Masterson, Publisher

Early to Rise


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